Dress for Success

Business Professional

Interviews; Industries known for "suits and ties;" Formal dinners or receptions

Attire should be:

  • Solid, dark, or neutral colors
  • Layered with lighter colors
  • Fitted custom to you (when possible)
  • Note: Be cautious of prints and bold colors

Shoes should be:

  • Dress shoes or close-toed heels, ex: flats, heels, loafers, oxford shoes
  • Socks should match suit and cover ankles


  • Belt should match color of shoes and other accessories
  • Tie should be limited to diagonal stripes, solids, or simple patterns
  • Keep additional accessories to a minimum; avoid flashy/hanging items
  • Carry a briefcase or small bag and folder for documents or notes when needed (especially for interviews)
someone in a dark suit and tie shaking hands with someone else in a suit
woman in a hijab and taupe-colored suite with white blouse standing outside

Business Casual

Informal social events; Industries known for relaxed dress code; outdoor venues

Shirt options include:

  • Button-downs or blouses
  • Cardigans or blazers over one of the above (optional)
  • Henley shirts or crewnecks
  • Sweaters

Dresses, pants, and skirts:

  • Dresses or skirts should sit at or below the knee
  • Chinos, khakis, non-denim pants (no shorts)


  • Boots, boat shoes, canvas shoes, flats, loafers, heels
  • Sandals may be acceptable if weather appropriate and depending on venue, but avoid flip-flop style
Woman with natural black hair and long white embroidered short-sleeved dress with red heeled sandals and minimal accessories walks along a street
Man with neatly-trimmed facial hair in red button-up shirt and dark pants with belt walks along a street

General Tips for All Styles

  • Clothes should be fitted, clean, in good condition, and wrinkle, pet hair, and lint-free.
  • Hair should be groomed and kept out of your face.
  • Facial hair should be neatly groomed.
  • Makeup should appear natural, and nails should be clean and of an appropriate length.
  • Wear jewelry in moderation (3 pieces max).
  • Limit to mild fragrance if you choose to wear it. Avoid strong scents.
Man in suit with tie smiling with long curly hair tied back and a small amount of facial hair