Salary and Offer Negotiation

Accept/Decline a Job Offer

Accepting your offer is the final step when determining your next destination, whether that be for an internship or a full-time job. Accepting an offer should be taken very seriously and you are strongly discouraged from reneging on a job offer, which means rejecting a position for any reason soon after accepting an offer. If you renege on a job offer, it can tarnish your relationship with that particular organization or even impact your reputation within a certain industry.

Please seek advice from The Career Center if you have questions or concerns about accepting an offer.

Graduate/Professional School Admissions Offer

It is important you respond to any offer of admission in a timely manner. For health professions, each application system has its own set of “traffic rules” and deadlines, and you must abide by them. Please seek advice from a Health Professions Advisor at the Career Center if you have questions or concerns

Negotiation: Employment Offers

Know Your Worth

You are not obligated to take the first offer provided to you by an employer. Take some time prior to do research to determine your worth. Consider the following:

  • Cost of living where you will be employed
  • Average salary for entry-level employees within that industry

Aspects of an Offer

There is more to an offer than salary, including an array of non-monetary benefits to be aware of when making a decision. Below is a list of benefits to consider.

Monetary Benefits

  • Salary
  • Bonuses
  • Profit Sharing
  • Stock Options
  • Retirement Plan

Near-Monetary Benefits

  • Insurance
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Tuition Assistance/Reimbursement

Non-Monetary Benefits

  • Job Function
  • Training Travel
  • Start Date
  • Vacation, Sick, and Personal Leave
  • Location
  • Flextime
  • Other (laptop, cultural fit, growth options)

Negotiate Your Offer

After you have completed your research on the cost of living and industry norms, you are ready to assess whether your offer is worthy of negotiation. It’s important to consider your work experience and ensure your experience matches what the organization is seeking. For assistance with negotiating your offer, make an appointment with The Career Center.