Mock Interviews

What is a Mock Interview?

  • Engage in a 60 minute live, customized interview in-person.
  • Get instant, personalized feedback from a Coach in preparation for real interviews.

Who can schedule a Mock Interview?

Current undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in an on-campus degree program are eligible and can make appointments using our online system.

Alumni are also eligible for one year post-graduation, but will need to call 217-333-0820 to schedule. Alumni pursuing health professions are eligible at any time after graduation (one year limit does not apply).

Limit: One Mock Interview per student, per semester.

Cancelled or no-show appointments are allowed to reschedule, but frequent cancellations/no-shows may be subject to a block from the service (at staff discretion).

NOTE: Mock Interviews are unavailable during the Summer. Make a coaching appointment or use Big Interview online for additional interview practice.

Profile of a Mock Interviewer

Who will I meet with during the Mock Interview?


Our Mock Interview Coaches are well-trained professionals from a vast amount of graduate programs from Labor and Employer Relations to Engineering.

Mock Interview Coaches prepare and deliver customized mock interviews for students by providing instant feedback to individuals seeking to practice interviewing and improve their interviewing skills.

What should I bring to my Mock Interview?
  • Positive Attitude: Treat your mock interview as though it is the real thing (prepare, arrive early)
  • An updated copy of your resume
  • The job description for the interview you’re practicing for, if applicable
What should I expect during my Mock Interview?
  • A simulated interview with customized questions based on the information you provide
  • Feedback reviewing strengths and areas to improve
  • Helpful resources